Time To Talk Encourages Parents To Connect With Teens Via Text Messaging At Back-To-School

The study’s release coincides with the Partnership’s second annual “Time To Talk” Month, a family-focused parents’ movement throughout August designed to help parents start and maintain open, honest dialogue with their kids about the risks of drugs and alcohol. Time To Talk supports and empowers parents and caregivers to have frequent and positive conversations with their teens to keep them healthy and drug free.
This year’s Time To Talk effort prompts parents to adapt the technology teens use and reaching out to them with an encouraging text message at back to school time. Parents can join the Partnership’s first-ever “Time To Text” initiative, an effort to motivate parents to open new lines of communication by learning to text message, starting with a back-to-school message as a reminder of support.
Parent visitors to TimeToTalk.org can learn to talk to their kids about drugs and alcohol in their own language by downloading a “Time To Text” guide offering tips on sending a message to their kid’s mobile phone. Those who can’t quite find the words can choose from several pre-written messages. Parents can also download a wallet card with shortcuts teens use when text messaging. The “Time To Text” guide is available at TimeToTalk.org.
PATS research consistently shows that kids who learn a lot about the risks of drugs at home are up to 50 percent less likely to use than those who do not. Yet, only 32 percent of teens report that they are getting this vital message from their parents.
Parents are encouraged to visit TimeToTalk.org in August for tips on talking to teens about school stress and helping them manage pressure.
Among the recommendations for parents are regular reminders to kids that they are loved and admired for who they are, not for their grades and achievements, making family time a priority, and having frequent discussions about the risks of drug and alcohol.
Time To Talk reaches parents and caregivers through the support of 2008 sponsors A&E Television Network, Comcast, King Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Major League Baseball Charities, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare and Yahoo!
Source: www.drugfree.org Aug.2008

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