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Drug Overdose Is Now The Leading Cause Of Death For Americans Under The Age Of 50

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said on Tuesday morning. Rosenstein, along with acting head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Chuck Rosenberg, and other prominent officials in law enforcement addressed the media at the DEA’s headquarters in Arlington, VA to discuss the ongoing response to the nation’s staggering opioid epidemic. “We’re not talking about a slight […]


Proof Cannabis DOES Lead Teenagers To Harder Drugs

Study Finds Users Are 26 Times More Likely To Turn To Other Substances By The Age Of 21 Study is first clear evidence that cannabis is gateway to cocaine and heroin Teen marijuana smokers are 37 times more likely to be hooked on nicotine Findings from Bristol University provide authoritative support for those warning against […]


Letter fromTim Farron to Mary Brett 5/6/17

– Mary’s Comments in bold I fully understand your doubts because this subject has been hotly debated within the Party in recent conferences.  I hope that I can persuade you of the validity of the arguments that have swayed the majority of our membership. Research disproves these arguments, as follows. The approach to cannabis has […]


Grey Death compound in Jacksonville & Florida

DATE: June 1, 2017 DISTRIBUTION: All First Responders ANALYST: Ralph Little/904-256-5940 SUBJECT: Grey Death compound in Jacksonville & Florida NARRATIVE:  The compound opioid known as Grey Death has been detected for the first time in North Florida. Although Purchased in March in St. Augustine, the basic drugs were from Jacksonville and may have been purchased […]


Marijuana use dampens brain’s response to reward over time, U-M study finds

Changes may increase risk of continued drug use and addiction ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Most people would get a little ‘rush’ out of the idea that they’re about to win some money. In fact, if you could look into their brain at that very moment, you’d see lots of activity in the part of the […]


Teen Marijuana-Related Visits to Colorado ER Rose Rapidly After Legalization

A Colorado children’s hospital reports visits by teens to its emergency department and satellite urgent care centers more than quadrupled after the state legalized marijuana, a new study finds. Researchers examined the hospital’s records for 13- to 21-year-olds between 2005 and 2015. Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2010 and recreational marijuana in 2014. The annual […]


High-Potency Marijuana May Damage Nerve Fibers in Brain, Study Suggests

A new study suggests smoking high-potency marijuana may cause damage to nerve fibers responsible for communication between the brain’s two hemispheres. The study included MRI scans of 99 people, including some who were diagnosed with psychosis, HealthDay reports.  The researchers found an association between frequent use of high-potency marijuana and damage to the corpus callosum, […]


Open Letter to : Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and Secretary of State Mark Martin

Sirs, I believe that a state’s Attorney General and Secretary of State have the obligation to reject any petition that is obviously in violation of any law. Whether a ballot initiative is properly worded or not, if it proposes, facilitates or allows the violation of any law – it is illegal. EXCERPT:  “In an opinion […]


26 Overdoses in Just Hours: Inside a Community on the Front Lines of the Opioid Epidemic

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Officer Sean Brinegar arrived at the house first — “People are coming here and dying,” the 911 caller had said — and found a man and a woman panicking. Two people were dead inside, they told him. Brinegar, 25, has been on the force in this Appalachian city for less than three […]


Drinking in pregnancy: Where Next For Preventing Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in the UK?

In this guest blog, Kate Fleming, Senior Lecturer, Public Health Institute, Liverpool John Moores University, and Raja Mukherjee, Consultant Psychiatrist, Lead Clinician UK National FASD clinic, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust consider the context and future for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in the UK. A recent opinion piece in The Guardian entitled Nothing […]


‘Narco-deforestation’: Cocaine Trade Destroying Swathes of Central America

Drug trade’s efforts to launder profits by creating agricultural land results in loss of millions of acres, researchers say. A hillside in Jocotán, eastern Guatemala, damaged by deforestation. Photograph: Marvin Recinos/AFP/Getty Images Cocaine traffickers attempting to launder their profits are responsible for the disappearance of millions of acres of tropical forest across large swaths of […]


Study: Marijuana Use Tied to Poor School Performance

Researchers at Canada’s Waterloo University studied what happens to academic goals, engagement, preparedness, and performance when high school students shift from no marijuana use to marijuana use. Their sample included 26,475 students in grades 9-12 in the COMPASS study, Canada’s largest survey of youth substance use. The researchers found that compared to students who do […]


‘’False hope’’ Driving Claims Medicinal Cannabis is ‘’Magic Pill’’ for Chronic Pain Relief

Prescribing medicinal cannabis for patients with chronic non-cancer pain is not going to revolutionise their treatment and should not be supported until there is substantial proof of its effectiveness, according to a leading pain specialist. Professor Milton Cohen is presenting Medicinal cannabis for chronic non-cancer pain: promise or pothole? at the Australian and New Zealand […]


It’s time for philanthropic giants to join America’s fight to end the addiction crisis.

Addiction Advocacy Needs A Bill Gates, David Geffen, Warren Buffett, Or Tom Steyer Addiction doesn’t need someone to put their name on a building, or name a research institute. Addiction desperately needs bold philanthropists who want to leverage the people power of the grassroots. Addiction and drug overdoses claim one life every four minutes in […]


In opioid crisis, a new risk for police: accidental overdose

As Cpl. Kevin Phillips pulled up to investigate a suspected opioid overdose, paramedics were already at the Maryland home giving a man a life-saving dose of the overdose reversal drug Narcan. Drugs were easy to find:  a package of heroin on the railing leading to a basement; another batch on a shelf above a nightstand. […]


Ohio Leads In Nation’s Fatal Drug Overdoses With 4,000 Dead In 2016: Survey

Ohio had the most overdose fatalities in the United States in 2014 and 2015. A newspaper’s survey of county coroners has painted a grim picture of fatal overdoses in Ohio: more than 4,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2016 in the state badly hit by a heroin and opioid epidemic. At least 4,149 died […]


Three Anti-Craving Medication Options for Treating Opioid Dependence

“I wish that all families would at least consider investigating medication-assisted treatment and reading about what’s out there,” says Alicia Murray, DO, Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist. “I think, unfortunately, there is still stigma about medications. But what we want people to see is that we’re actually changing the functioning of the patient.” Essentially, medication-assisted treatment […]


Fact check: Will legalizing pot keep it out of the hands of kids?

During the 2015 election, the Liberals campaigned on a plan to greenlight marijuana for recreational use to keep it out of the hands of children and the profits out of the hands of criminals. The party’s election platform said Canada’s current approach — criminalizing people for possession and use — traps too many Canadians in the […]


‘Schizophrenia at its Very Depths’ Drove Mother to Kill Eight Children

The first to die was the family’s pet duck, killed in an attempt to rid the house of evil. By then, Raina Thaiday had already been on a cleaning frenzy for a week, scrubbing the ceilings of her Cairns home and tossing possessions out into the yard in a bid to “cleanse” the house.  But […]


Emergency Visits Related to Marijuana Use at Colorado Hospital Quadruple

SAN FRANCISCO – Visits by teens to a Colorado children’s hospital emergency department and its satellite urgent care centers increased rapidly after legalization of marijuana for commercialized medical and recreational use, according to new research being presented at the 2017 Paediatric Academic Societies Meeting in San Francisco. The study abstract, “Impact of Marijuana Legalization in […]


Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Health

 A New Agenda to  Turn Back the Drug Epidemic Robert L. DuPont, MD, President , Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc. A. Thomas McLellan, PhD, Senior Strategy Advisor , Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc.  May 2017 Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc. , 6191 Executive Blvd , Rockville, MD 20852 , 1 Background  The Institute for Behavior and […]


‘It’s Just Horrific’: Caseworkers Break Their Silence to Reveal a Toll of Addiction on Children

In Southern Ohio, the number of drug-exposed babies in child protection custody has jumped over 200%.  The problem is so dire that workers agreed to break protocol to invite a reporter to hear their stories.  Foster care placements are at record levels, and the number of drug-exposed newborns in their custody has jumped over 200% […]


Carfentanil – 10,000 x Stronger Than Morphine

Carfentanil. If there was ever a drug designed to wreak havoc – this is it! 5 milligrams (about 1/16th the size of a baby aspirin) is strong enough to take down a one-ton Buffalo, actually make that 7 one-ton Buffalos, and it’s readily available through illicit sales on street corners throughout the US. It is […]


Cannabis Use Predicts Risks of Heart Failure and Cerebrovascular Accidents: Results from the National In patient Sample

Background: Cannabis use (CU) has recently been legalized in several states for medicinal purposes and remains the most commonly used illicit drug. Cardiovascular effects of CU are not well established as studies thus far have been limited by size. We therefore utilized a large national database to examine the incidence of cardiovascular risk factors and […]


Facts and Evidence – A Case for the Eradication of Cannabis

by David Sergeant  of The Bow Group The Bow Group is a leading conservative think tank based in London. Founded in 1951, the Bow Group is the oldest conservative think tank in the UK and exists to publish the research of its members, stimulate policy debate through an events programme and to provide an intellectual […]


Experiences of severe childhood maltreatment, depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse among adults in Finland

Abstract Childhood maltreatment increases the risk of subsequent depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse, but the rate of resilient victims is unknown. Here, we investigated the rate of victims that do not suffer from clinical levels of these problems after severe maltreatment in a population-based sample of 10980 adult participants. Compared to men, women reported more […]


The Push For ‘Medipot’ Remains a Push for Pot

How do you know when you are being softened up for something? One sure sign is when what you are being asked to give your support to is sold to you as entirely unproblematic or as a panacea to a host of problems. Never believe it. My antennae began twitching when the latest round in […]


Opioid Addiction Is Infiltrating A Majority Of US Workplaces

A disturbing majority of businesses in the U.S. are being negatively impacted by prescription painkiller abuse and addiction among employees. A survey recently released by the National Safety Council reveals more than 70 percent of workplaces are feeling the negative effects of opioid abuse. Nearly 40 percent of employers said employees are missing work do […]


Effective Prevention Methods are Ready for Implementation

Both experience and research has proven that drug addiction and other drug-related problems are both preventable and treatable. Prevention is effective, humane, cost-effective, and empowering. Prevention solves problems before they ever occur. And prevention reduces other social problems and should therefore be integrated into general health and development strategies based on the United Nations’ Sustainable […]

"When representing a cause (almost) lost, sound your trumpet, mount your steed and go for the very last charge, failing which you will die of sad old age in the depths of the forgotten fortress, no longer besieged because life has abandoned it for greener pastures."

Jean Raspail
From the website of

"Universal prevention initiatives are important elements of a comprehensive prevention strategy that should include selective and indicated prevention initiatives as well. In order to prevent the development of dependence you need all three - and you cannot do without universal prevention. Norms, attitudes, availability are important risk factors for developing drug use problems as well as neighbourhood disorganization and weak family bonds."

Christina Gynna, Deputy National Drugs Policy Co-ordinator, Sweden,
at the ICAA conference in Budapest, 24 October 2005


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